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When Babies Go To One Nap (A Step-By-Step Guide)

How to drop the morning nap and wean to one nap. Baby girl sleeping on a bed.

Inside: It’s exhausting to know when infants go to at least one nap, however this can make it easier to figure it out and make it easier for you to drop the morning nap.

When we have now newborns it looks like we never depart the home.

By the point we’ve fed the child and altered the diaper and burped then it’s principally time for an additional nap.

We prepare ourselves, get within the automotive, go somewhere, get out of the automotive, go inside the shop after which BAM child wakes up and must feed once more.

So now you’ve gotta find a bench or a toilet or return to your automotive and feed again.

All day.

And each other hour should you’re cluster feeding. 

Then…. after which… child turns 1. And begins heading in the direction of 1.5 years of age and it’s time to drop the morning nap.


You’ll be able to run errands and do enjoyable things and get out of the house without having a tired cranky child.

However I’m getting forward of myself, aren’t I?

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How to go to one nap a day with baby. Nap weaning guide.

The overall rule of thumb is that babies between the ages of 13 months and 18 months will drop their morning nap. Round this time they’ll go to at least one nap.

I know… that’s a large window. 

Observe: In case your baby is 13 months and younger, they are possible not able to cease napping. Chances are you’ll have to shorten a nap or two, but don’t be mistaken.

Just because baby fights sleep doesn’t imply child doesn’t need sleep.

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How to drop a morning nap for baby and have only the afternoon nap.

Is certainly one of baby’s naps disrupted?

If baby previously took a morning and afternoon nap and now one of many naps (often the afternoon) appears off, this could be a signal child is on the brink of wean a nap.

  • Does it take the infant a while to get to sleep within the afternoon?
  • Is among the two day by day naps stressed?
  • Does the morning nap seem lengthy and good after which, within the afternoon, baby doesn’t nap as nicely and get fussy?
  • Does baby skip the afternoon nap utterly after which get extremely overtired by early night?
  • Is child taking two brief naps as an alternative of two long ones? Or one lengthy one?

In case your baby is doing any of those issues (and is above 13 months of age) then child is probably ready to wean a nap.

when does baby need to drop the morning nap?

Which Nap Do You Wean?

You’re working in the direction of dropping the morning nap and preserving the afternoon nap.


As a result of if baby takes an extended morning nap then has to remain awake from 12 pm to 7 pm… child will probably be super fussy, overstimulated, and Past The Level.

If child presently naps from 9:00 to 11:00 ish after which from 2:00 to Four:00 pm ish, you’ll start to wean the morning nap and maintain the afternoon one.

A aspect advantage of that is that child might begin to sleep later within the mornings as nicely.

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a guide to dropping baby's morning nap

The way you determine to drop the nap will depend upon baby’s age to a certain extent.

When you’ve got a 14 month previous who’s displaying indicators he’s ready to drop, you’ll in all probability need to Wean. 

When you’ve got an 18 month previous, you possibly can in all probability go Cold Turkey, and institute a modified nap time for a bit till he can get to the afternoon. 

Nap Weaning

As with something parenting related, there are multiple methods to do something efficiently.

Take these ideas, chew them, and determine what tastes greatest for your loved ones.

Guide to dropping baby's morning nap.

Choice #1: Shortening The Morning Nap

Let’s take an instance. Here’s a take a look at Baby Ella’s present routine.

7:00 am get up, feed and eat, play

9:00 am morning nap

10:45 am wake up from nap, feed, play

12:00 pm lunch, play, errands

1:30 pm nap

Three:00 pm wake up from nap, feed, snack, play

5:30 pm dinner, tub

6:30 pm bedtime routine and bed

So, choice #1 says to shorten the morning nap, not stop it chilly turkey.

how to drop baby's morning nap

In the example above, you’d put the infant down at 9:00 a.m., then wake her up around 9:45 or so and never let her sleep more than that.

Then, you’d shoot for a 1 p.m. afternoon nap.

  • Baby will possible fall asleep easily at this morning nap, so let them fall asleep at the regular time, however wake them up about halfway via their regular nap time.
  • If they usually sleep 1.5 hours, wake then up after 30 to 45 minutes and continue this for a couple of days.
  • Depart the afternoon nap at the similar time till you’ve dropped the first identify.
  • Each few days, go someplace through the morning nap in order that it’s skipped totally.
  • Shoot for a morning nap of about 30 minutes or so. If baby begins having disrupted afternoon naps you then’ll comprehend it’s in all probability time to drop the morning nap totally.

This feature is my most popular technique and I did it with all of my 5 youngsters firstly of the nap weaning process.

When does baby go to one nap? How to drop baby's morning nap

Choice #2: Skipping A Day Here Or There

Let’s take an instance. Right here’s a take a look at Baby Jonah’s present routine.

6:30 am wake up, feed and eat, play

8:30 am morning nap

10:45 am get up from nap, feed, play

12:00 pm lunch, play, errands

2:00 pm nap

Four:00 pm wake up from nap, feed, snack, play

6:00 pm dinner, tub

7:00 pm bedtime routine and bed

Choice #2 is extra of a gradual chilly turkey strategy.

when do babies go to one nap

Within the instance above, you’d exit of the house sometime between 8 and 10 or 11, and then put child down for the afternoon nap between 12 and 1 p.m.

12 p.m. if baby has all of the tired cues.

  • When making an attempt to wean from the morning nap, take baby out of the home throughout nap time and do one thing that’s mildly stimulating. Errands, grocery buying, play dates, the park, and so on.
  • Don’t spend loads of time in the automotive or stroller in case you’re planning on weaning the nap as a result of that’ll lull baby into sleep at a time once you’re making an attempt to put it off.
  • Convey up the afternoon nap slightly if child has skipped the morning nap (more on that in choice #Three) to stop over tiredness and over stimulation.
  • When you’re making an attempt to drop the morning nap, attempt doing this each few days. You may notice child able to drop the morning nap within a couple of weeks.

This will happen naturally together with choice 1. You go grocery purchasing or do one thing fun and you might find this happens with out effort.

Observe: just remember to aren’t simply doing something the place baby lulls to sleep in the automotive.

when do babies go to one nap a day

Choice #Three: Cold Turkey & Bringing Up The Afternoon Nap

Let’s take an example. Here’s a take a look at Child Ingrid’s present routine.

7:30 am get up, feed and eat, play

9:30 am morning nap

11:00 am wake up from nap, feed, play

12:00 pm lunch, play

2:30 pm nap

Four:00 pm get up from nap, feed, snack, play

6:30 pm dinner, tub

7:30 pm bedtime routine and mattress

In the instance above, you’d drop the morning nap chilly turkey, then transfer the afternoon as much as around 12 p.m. for some time. Perhaps even as much as 11:30 or a tad earlier if baby is struggling to make it to 1.

As soon as baby is having a superb afternoon nap, you’ll be able to steadily move the afternoon again to about 1 p.m.

here's when you go to one nap

That’s a perfect time for a day nap normally. 

  • If you wish to attempt to go cold turkey, then drop the morning nap and occupy that time while holding child stimulated. See choice #2 above.
  • Move the morning nap up a couple of hours so that baby gained’t turn out to be overtired and then unable to fall asleep at nap time.
  • Watch and see how baby responds. Some infants will be capable of drop the nap and be okay. Some will drop the morning nap, then only sleep for 45 minutes within the afternoon and be perpetually over tired. That’s how you recognize that choice #1 or #2 are extra suited to you.

Lengthening The Afternoon Nap

One thing that can are likely to occur is that the morning nap gets dropped, and the afternoon nap stays only round 1.5 hours or so.

Or perhaps much less.

It’s natural and you must anticipate a time of adjustment where the nap is shorter than regular. Ultimately, the nap ought to lengthen into two hours, perhaps even 3.

  • If the nap is shorter than regular, don’t give an enormous snack or drink  upon waking. You don’t need to start a behavior of snacking at a time when baby might be sleeping.
  • Attempt to encourage a superb feed and snack earlier than the afternoon nap. This should help lengthen the nap’s period and stop waking from hunger.
  • If the afternoon nap is brief and child is cranky, move baby’s bedtime up 30 minutes or so. If baby is just too drained, he gained’t go down straightforward.

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