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7 Specific Ways I Simplify My Life

7 Specific Ways I Simplify My Life

I’m (and all the time have been) on a mission to simplify and streamline my life to permit extra time and power for the issues, individuals, and actions which are most necessary to me. 

Mockingly, simplifying my life has taken an enormous quantity of effort (no less than initially). It took time for me to study new habits, develop routines, understand how I perform greatest, discover my most efficient occasions of the day, and so on. — much of this is still a piece in progress. 

I’ll never be “finished” simplifying my life, however quite, all the time shifting ahead with the mindset of simplifying my days… and I will hopefully continue to share that journey with you! 

Throughout my life, I can’t think of anybody who has complained that their life is “TOO simple”… I’m not even positive life could be “too easy”! 

What do you assume? 

I know lots of you come here in search of specific tips to simplify and arrange your personal lives, so at the moment’s publish is a compilation of 7 particular ways I simplify my life — as well as one over-arching life simplifier! 

I hope this listing is helpful for you! 

1. I Avoid Overstimulating Conditions:

Over the past 5 years, I’ve realized that I are likely to keep away from spending vital quantities of time in places (or with individuals) which might be very loud, messy, chaotic, or cluttered because I know I’ll find yourself feeling crabby and cranky — simply because I’m over-stimulated. 

Consider it like a younger baby being carted forwards and backwards to a number of Christmas parties throughout an extended weekend in December — weird meals, strange individuals, so much additional noise, unfamiliar surroundings, lack of routine, loud music, noisy rooms, no time for naps, and so forth. and so forth. Sooner or later, the child simply has a meltdown and/or large mood tantrum as a result of they are WAY overstimulated and just can’t take it anymore. 

THAT is how I feel too… but since I’m an adult, it’s not acceptable for me to have a mood tantrum!!

So as an alternative, I’m very conscious of my surroundings and make a strong effort to avoid over-stimulating environments. And sure, this does apply to my own quick family too. It’s one cause I choose to get up so early proper now — the fantastic absence of over-stimulation makes it value each minute of “misplaced sleep”!  

NOTE: that is one big purpose we frequently end up entertaining SO recurrently — Dave and I might each moderately have individuals at our house than go some place else. 


2. I Hold My Environments Pretty Clear and Muddle-Free: 

I’ve mentioned it earlier than, and I’ll say it again — I am NOT a minimalist.

Nevertheless, I DO have to have my spaces visibly clear to feel calm — and since I’m house a lot of the day, this implies I put forth an honest quantity of effort to keep my home neat, organized, and clutter-free more often than not. 

Obviously, my youngsters play and make messes… I prepare dinner and make messes… we entertain and make messes… but the messes get cleaned up earlier than we move on to making new messes! 

This won’t be as necessary to a few of you (and that’s OK), but I really feel extra uptight and frazzled if my surroundings are crammed with TOO MUCH STUFF. I can sense once I start to really feel more harassed as a result of messy surroundings, and I do know I either want to start out choosing up or remove myself from the world (if it’s not my home). 

NOTE: sure it does take effort to take care of a clear and clutter-free house, however not almost as a lot effort as it might require for me to stay with muddle all day, each day!


3. I am Very Conscious of How A lot Sleep I Want

I’ve all the time been very conscious of how much sleep I want, and how the shortage of sleep negatively affects me — even again to elementary faculty once I HATED sleepovers because of the lack of sleep. 

I by no means had a curfew in highschool as a result of my mother and father knew I might be residence on time to get to bed, and I truthfully never pulled an all-nighter in school. 

I like feeling well-rested — and although there have been years of my life when my own sleep wants have been put on the again burner because of sleepless youngsters, I’m now able the place I am far more “in management” of how a lot sleep I get every night time — yay!! 

Whereas I don’t get 8 hours every night time, I AM all the time conscious of how rested (or tired) I feel throughout the day, and I’m going to mattress as early as I can based mostly on how drained I’m. Typically this implies I’m in mattress before 9 pm (keep in mind, we wake up at four am), different occasions I feel completely “with it” till 10:30. 

I do NOT assume early mornings and early evenings are the perfect decisions for each individual, but I DO assume it’s essential to concentrate on how much sleep you want and the way drained (or rested) you are feeling, as sleep plays a huge roll in all other elements of our lives. 

NOTE: in case you feel you can’t probably get any extra sleep, you may need too much in your plate proper now (see #5 under).


four. I Eat Simple Foods At House

Dave and I have never been followers of going out to eat — actually, we take pleasure in it much less and less as we add more youngsters to our household! 

I really like the thought of having a “night time off” from the kitchen, but virtually EVERY time we go out to eat (or even deliver food residence) we agree that it wasn’t value our time or money. 

We might both relatively eat at our kitchen desk versus sitting in a dimly lit, noisy restaurant, eating big parts of over-priced sub-par food and leaving feeling stuffed but unhappy. 

I truthfully even assume our youngsters really feel the identical approach (though they gained’t admit it to your face!) The final time we went to Culvers’ they stated, “so we just get a burger and fries — no fruit, veggies, or other aspect dishes?” HAHA!

At house, we drink tons of water (not many different beverages), we eat plenty of easy meals that embrace recent fruits, recent veggies, meat, and selfmade bread, I select meals that can be prepared forward of time so there’s not a huge last-minute rush to get dinner on the table, and I serve the food already on plates so the desk is usually open whereas we eat. 

NOTE: I don’t essentially assume eating “simply” equates to consuming “do-it-yourself” or “from scratch”. Even in case you are very busy or just don’t take pleasure in cooking, you’ll be able to still simplify the foods you eat (processed meals, frozen foods, and so forth.) and choose to eat at house extra typically. 


5. I Say “No” Often

Over the previous 10 years of writing online, one thing that has remained consistent is my message to “simply say no” — especially in case you really feel over-committed or like you just don’t have the presents to do a sure job properly. 

For my part, saying “no” exhibits respect (for yourself and the other individual) and is a vital talent to have if you wish to stay a simplified life. 

To be clear, I also say “yes” to SO many issues! I gained’t bore you with the laundry listing of volunteer positions Dave and I hold within our church, faculties, and group — but the listing is lengthy and we most undoubtedly use our presents!

I really like saying “yes” just as a lot as the subsequent individual, but I do NOT love feeling overly harassed, overly tired, crabby, cranky, irritable, and so forth. and so forth. So I’m very cautious with my “yeses” and I take time to assume by means of new opportunities and how they’ll have an effect on my schedule, my household, and my life earlier than agreeing to them. 

Dave is great about this too — all the time checking with me earlier than taking over another commitment at college. There have been many occasions once we each need to say “sure” to one thing (as a result of it’s a fun alternative or because we need to help somebody out) however we all know the results shall be too great, so we say “no” in the meanwhile. I truthfully can’t consider one time once we’ve regretted saying “no”. 

NOTE: I do know lots of you marvel how we’ll deal with extra-curricular activities with our youngsters as they become old… and the truth is, I don’t know! For now, we now have chosen to say “no” to many of those opportunities, however that may most probably change sooner or later — at which level we might want to say “no” to other things in our schedule. You’ll be able to learn extra about our ideas on extra-curricular activities in this publish. 


6. I MAJORLY Monitor My Media

I by no means learn the paper, I never watch the news, I don’t subscribe to any magazines, I’ve no “NEWS” or “Information” apps on my telephone, and I can’t even keep in mind the final time I watched TV.

I don’t take heed to podcasts, I don’t comply with anybody on YouTube, I don’t use a Feed Reader, I only subscribe to four blogs by way of e mail, and I’m (surprisingly) not very lively in any social media. Outdoors of interacting with readers on my enterprise Facebook page and searching up recipes or craft ideas on Pinterest, I not often log onto any social media sites. 

I don’t stay up-to-date with politics, celebrities, or current events in any approach. I don’t know the newest films, I don’t know any up-and-coming music artists, I don’t know what the new style tendencies are, and I do not know what the fashionable toys or brands are proper now. 

And I truthfully don’t care! 

I do know some of you may be appalled by this, and it’s not one thing I’m essentially proud to admit… nevertheless it’s the reality, and it’s a huge life-simplifier for me right now. 

There are select few occasions when it will be helpful to be extra “within the know”, however normally, I have discovered that being uninformed additionally equates to being happier, experiencing extra satisfaction and achievement in my very own life, feeling much less anxious, being less fearful, having less stress, and so forth. and so forth.

NOTE: I’m typically requested how I handle know-how with our youngsters… and I am NOT towards it at all! Nevertheless, I’ll say that our youngsters have never used a pc or smartphone, and Nora is the one one who has used a tablet as a consequence of studying assignments she acquired from faculty. They do not watch stay TV however as an alternative watch commercial-free exhibits by way of PBS, Netflix, or Hulu that we forged to our TV using Chromecast. 


7. I Have No Want to Be More Than I Am

This wording may sound just a little strange — however I’m coming at this point from a enterprise perspective. 

I am inundated with emails each day from freelance writers who need to write for my weblog, corporations who need to collaborate with me for their subsequent ‘huge product launch’, advertisers who are on the lookout for in-content hyperlinks or who need me to sign up with their ad networks, affiliate group who want me to join their packages, publishers who want me to put in writing a guide (often for almost no money), news businesses who want me to offer content material for a phase or article they are engaged on, and so on. and so on. 

Which may sound glamorous and superior — however to me, it simply seems like extra work, all the time making an attempt to be greater and better. 

A couple of weeks in the past, I learn among the best quotes I’ve ever come across relating to MY ideas about Simple Dwelling from knowledgeable standpoint: 

In fact, it could be pleasant to be extraordinary, famous, and world-beating, but perhaps it is going to be a fair higher achievement to remain sane and type.

We’d choose not to conquer the world in favour of dwelling a longer, and more serene life. We aren’t backing away from a problem, we’re simply shifting our sense of what the actual problem may be – and extra importantly where the actual rewards might lie.

A quiet life isn’t essentially one among resignation or flight, it might constitute a supremely clever recognition that the really satisfying issues can be found away from the spotlight and the large cities, on modest salaries and as far as attainable from the manic, sleepless competitors to ‘win’ the professional status race. (supply)

Truthfully, this is EXACTLY how I really feel with regards to my career (and I know Dave does too). We need to make enough money to cowl our bills, save for retirement, and be capable of present for our household… however beyond that, we’ve no want to work ourselves to demise simply to get the subsequent promotion or do the subsequent huge factor or purchase top-of-the-line products. 

NOTE: I don’t assume it’s dangerous to need to grow a enterprise or build professional expertise. I simply personally don’t have that want right now. 


And let’s not overlook planning forward… 

Woven all through all 7 of these ideas is the theme of Planning Ahead. It infiltrates each single a part of my life, my schedule, my house, my kitchen, my business, my household, and so on. so I felt that I couldn’t record it as a stand-alone level.

With out continually and persistently planning ahead, I might not be capable of benefit from the easy way of life I have now as a result of I might be enjoying “catch up” most of the time. 

Without planning forward, I might typically discover myself in aggravating chaotic conditions and end up over-stimulated. 

With out planning ahead, I wouldn’t have the time or power to maintain my house neat and orderly. 

Without planning ahead, I wouldn’t be capable of go to mattress at 9:30 as a result of I’d have too much left on my record… which suggests I wouldn’t be capable of get up as early either. 

Without planning forward, I wouldn’t be capable of prepare dinner from scratch, make my own bread, develop and preserve my veggies, and so forth. and so forth. I additionally wouldn’t have the ability to entertain so repeatedly or convey meals to others as typically as I do. 

With out planning ahead, I wouldn’t be capable of do almost as a lot for our church, our faculties, our group, our household, and even for myself. I might find yourself overcommitted, stressed, and really sad. 

Without planning ahead, there isn’t any method I might successfully run any sort of business out of my house whereas elevating 4 youngsters and renovating our previous farmhouse. There merely wouldn’t be enough hours within the day.


I feel you get the thought! 

In case you really feel the necessity or want to simplify your life, there’s no better time to start out than RIGHT NOW! 

It doesn’t should be difficult or time-consuming. You don’t have to do every little thing (and even something) on MY record. Simply decide one small a part of your personal life, think about how you may simplify it, after which do one thing TODAY to work in the direction of that objective! 

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